Saturday, September 12, 2009

Craft Hatch wrap up

Craft Hatch was rad!

Such a great turnout. Not to mention the weather was a lovely taster of the summer to come.

Now for the photos...

RMIT (Brunswick) Bachelor of Arts - Textiles.
Sarah Hinds and Jaclyn Eddy
Sarahs Blog

RMIT Bachelor of Fine Arts - Gold and Silversmithing.
Claire McArdle, Roxanne Watts, Helen Bowman.

RMIT Bachelor of Fine Arts - Ceramics
Kellie Barnes, Natasha Hosny, Rosie Caldwell, Robyn Phelan.

RMIT Diploma of Screenprint - Design & Diploma of Studio Textiles.

Box Hill TAFE Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology - Jewellery
Kate Marshall, Sarah Rose.

Monash Bachelor of Fine Arts - Metals and Jewellery
Jill Hermans, Femi Coppi.

Our Table

Full Market View

A big thanks to Craft Vic and Kim for all the help with this market and the great support!

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